Promoting Your Business on Facebook

There are several ways to get your business in front of potential customers on Facebook.  Page administrators can boost their posts and have their post appear on targeted audience pages, they can increase the visibility of their page and gain ‘Likes’ by promoting their page to a targeted audience, they can also increase views on videos.

I fully admit, I am in a continual learning process when it comes to marketing on Facebook.  But fortunately, Facebook provides the ‘How To’ on their website.  Visit their ‘How To Use Facebook For Business Marketing’ page to learn how to set up the page, reach your targeted audience, and create Facebook Adverts.

I previously implemented the Boost option on Kim Shaw’s post.  It was simple and very effective.  For $25, she was able to have the Virtual Tour viewed 1,317 times and 2,449 people saw her post – her boost ran for 7 days.

I have started adding Facebook Marketing to my once a week task for our KB Sign and Design Facebook page.  I admit, I am sort of like the auto mechanic whose car is always half broke down, I forget to take care of my own page in the midst of managing numerous other pages.  Ten minutes once a week – I can do that!! (I bet you can too!)

Boost Facebook Post

Kim selected men and women over the age off 55 that lived in California.  You can be creative and select various parts of the country as well as different age groups.

Boost Facebook Posts Adverts